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January 28, 2013
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  Insecurities are what we all have and today, anyone can blow up someone's heart and confidence with just a mere phrase. We don't have perfect bodies at all and even when someone is truly beautiful, that person will have to pass through A LOT to consider themselves pretty. So, self-confidence is, nowadays, hanging on a cord.

  That's what made this episode to happen. A few girls in school where feeling all up and mighty and started to point out everybody's imperfections but their owns, of course. That's when, sadly, you got blown up. Walking calmly inside the building just getting ready for your next period which consisted of literature, you bumped into those mean girls. "Fat!" they called you and laughed. Even though you were really attractive to a few boys of the school's population and you had a boyfriend, your self-stem and confidence were down below, deep down towards the depths of the centre of the universe.

  For a week, you didn't ate and that made your boyfriend, Arthur, worry a lot about what was up with you. You were feeling highly sick and since your parents were on a urgent trip of work, you were alone on your house so when you were about to collapse out of the anaemia you got, you growled and with a bad attitude walked to the nearby hospital. There you were ordered -after having gotten a few shots of vitamin- to not skip one single meal.

  This blew up your whole plan. Now, how were you supposed to get rid of your "fatness"?

-| Time skip |-

  Crying, eating ice cream and watching fashion shows, you now sat on the floor in front of the couch of your living room. You didn't attend classes today.

  "He's going to leave me and nobody will ever want me BECAUSE I'M FAT!" you yelled at nobody in particular, actually just to yourself, as you watched the skinny girls walking down the cat walk with those curve's hugging clothes they wore.

  You heard a click on the front door 'Oh please, let it be my parents!' you thought as you still didn't turn your head, when you heard the all too familiar voice of your marvelously handsome boyfriend you couldn't hold it more and burst out with tears. Boy you didn't want to let him see you like this, how you regretted when you gave him a copy of the key of your house.

  "Love.." He paused as he sat in front of you, watching as you lifted up your head from your almost done big pot of ice cream and locked your (e/c) eyes with his emerald ones "What happened?" he frowned with sadness on his face as he cupped your cheek with his hands.

  "I.. I-" you began between sobs "I'm ugly and fat!"

  Arthur looked at you stunned "W-What?"

  "I'M FREAKING UGLY AND FAT!" you cried.

  Arthur panicked at your sudden snap and tried to hug you but the ice cream was in the way, when he tried to take it away you hissed at him making him blink. "Love, let go of the ice cream" you refused. "_____..." you hugged the pot closer to your chest. Arthur sighed.

  He moved to your side and lifted you up and you let out a soft yelp through your lips. He then opened his legs and placed you between them while he hugged your waist and rested his chin on your shoulder "Let go of the ice cream, please" he whispered pleading as his left hand moved to the pot and tried to take it away. This time, the blushing you didn't object and allowed him to move the pot aside. Away from you. "Thank you" he said as he kissed your cheek.

  "Now, hear me out. You are absolutely not ugly and definitely not fat" he began.

  "Stop lying" you mumbled.

  He furrowed his eyebrows. Sneaking a hand to your hips he softly grabbed the end of your t-shirt making you blush "W-What are you-" you said embarrassed "Hush" he replied as he slowly lifted your shirt. You just yelped in shock and stuttered 'omg's. He stopped lifting your shirt when he revealed your belly, not more than that.

  "Now, look" he said as he still got his chin rested over your shoulder and watched down at your belly. While his right hand held your t-shirt up, the tips of the fingers of his left hand started walking over your belly from the left end to the right end. "I think" he began as his fingers travelled through your belly "you are just the right size" he said in a whisper and just hugged you closer to him as he hide his face in the crock of your neck mumbling incoherent words. You could tell he was blushing as you felt the heat coming from the particular spot he had his face hidden.

  Realizing everything, you just giggled making him smile in his hiding spot. Both of you blushing a mad red but, you were happy with him. He just made you feel special even when nobody else did.

  "I'm still ugly" you whispered waiting his reaction.

  He moved his head a bit, making you able to hear what he said "You are possibly the most beautiful girl that has ever stepped on this earth. You're cute when you laugh. You are pretty when you smile at me but, you are the most beautiful when you are just being yourself" he whispered really soft and you felt how the spot where he had his face on your neck, became even hotter. Couldn't tell if it was you or him, possibly both. "AndIloveyou" he mumbled fast as he held your back even tighter against his chest and moved his legs a bit more closer to his body making yours move along with his.

  "....I love you too" you whispered as you covered your face with your hands. Happiness overflowing the silly couple you both were.


  "But I'm still fat"
AsjsakldhsakfhsdjkghAADJSHGKLDFH. This is why I shouldn't read at night when I can't sleep and I have the fluffy mind.

Pls, kill me. //shot.


Anyway, I want to blame a reader insert for all the feels it gave me and the whole idea for this. otl. If there's any possibility that she doesn't want me to publish this -since the story is similar to hers- I will delete it with no objections. Even though I would like to keep this since I like the fluffy

Been a while since I last wrote. Bare with me ;;

~This is a work made by a fan and for fans. The characters of this story belong to their respective owners and respective shows, being Hetalia the case. I own nothing else but the mixture of words written on this story. Please enjoy.~
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I used to get bullied and people used to call me a log.
But i came back as "Bitch plz, t least im not an anorexic twig"
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XD I am the same way.
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My grandma and friends say I'm tall and that I'm beautiful but * grabs belly* noooo liarsss
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